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Sustainability is not just about protecting the environment, it is also about restoring the environment for future generations. The manufacturing of fast fashion textiles involve many processes which has highly impacted environmental problems such as air and water pollution. Fashion is responsible for up to one-fifth of industrial water pollution. Utilization of renewable raw materials, eco-friendly processes is the pathway for sustainable manufacturing.

Today the reality of global warming is making consumers and companies environmentally conscious. Textile industry is undergoing a rapid transformation and sustainability is now a top priority as the consumer demand for such products is growing. To meet the sustainable goals for the textiles industry means to revive the demand for natural dyes for dyeing textile materials


Natural dyes or colorants are materials sourced from nature to impart colour on textiles made from natural fibres like cotton, linen, hemp, silk, wool etc.

Blue Green colorants are from two different sources:

  • Plants
  • Minerals


Plant based natural dyes comes from discarded flowers, leaves, tree bark, roots, seeds, fruit rinds, etc. Along with natural mordant and tannins, specially designed and curated processes can achieve desired results.


Mineral based dyes are natural earths or clay found in nature. These natural mineral colorants include Yellow, Amber, green earths, black and red earths.

“Live and let live” is rooted in our spirituality and it reflects in our working philosophy. To that end, we aim to develop processes that are simply environment friendly with our new venture – BlueGreen. Our philosophy filters down in the day to day processes that we are developing by adapting every small detail. Currently we cover the following domains in our work with an aim to expand more in the future,

  • Adapting to the latest manufacturing technologies from across various industries through diligent research and development
  • Developing recycle methodologies for pre and post manufacturing waste
  • Incorporating natural sources like plant and mineral based natural dyes as an alternative to synthetic dyes

Every new challenge has motivated us to come up with innovative solutions and with this new challenge, we resolve to take the textile industry forward into a new and sustainable era.

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We have dedicated innovation & application technology centre at Chennai and our experienced technical team will assist the customer to fine tune the dyeing process.

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