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Recycled Denim 

Recycled Denim

A Passion for Sustainability

Blue Green is a circular ecosystem with an innovative concept of sustainable and green technologies. Denim jeans, the most fashionable wear among all generations, use highly polluting artificial indigo dye and chemicals for coloring. When waste from the manufacturing chain goes to landfills, it pollutes mother earth. We provide solutions to these pollutants by recycling and reusing pre- and post-consumer waste to make new denim-wear with all-natural colorants. We have also collaborated with spinners, weavers, processors, garment makers and NGOs in the supply chain to create employment opportunities in the rural sector.

Working with nature and people is at the core of Blue Green

Recycled Denim

  • Pre- and post-consumer waste is collected from manufacturers.
  • Waste is shredded to make fiber.
  • Recycled fiber is blended with virgin cotton fiber to spin new yarn.
  • Denim fabric is weaved from that yarn.
  • Fabric is now dyed with natural colorants.

Wild grass and Banana fiber yarn

  • Wild grass from forest (or) banana fibers from its stalk, is processed and spun with cotton to make new yarn.
    [This reduces the dependency on cotton which requires more water, fertilizers and pesticides for cultivation.]
  • This yarn is woven to make fabrics which can be further dyed with natural colorants.


  • Processing of recycled yarn, fabrics and garments of cotton, linen or hemp is done with natural plant-based colorants.
  • Non-edible parts of fruits and vegetables, naturally discarded leaves, flowers and stems of plants are used as colorants
  • Dye process doesn’t use any salts, alkali or any petrochemical-based chemicals. It uses dye and mordants directly extracted from natural source.
  • This process is done with minimal to negligible use of water with zero discharge of waste-water.

Development Packages / Collections and Workshops

Collections and Packages

  • Working with designers and/or brands to convert inspirations into full-scale collections.
  • Garments will be made with new recycled and wild grass/banana fiber with natural colorants.


  • Workshops on natural processing and dyeing can be provided on demand.

Let’s Start a Project

We have dedicated innovation & application technology centre at Chennai and our experienced technical team will assist the customer to fine tune the dyeing process.

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